The course, specifically adressed to engineers, aims at introducing them into the fundamental issues of Continuum Mechanics. It is inserted in a multimedia environement, in such a way that it allows a smooth interaction of the user with the available learning media:
• 786 slides (displaying the course topics)
• 141 movies (explaining the slides)
• 556 pages of the course book (providing detailed aspects of the contents).

At any time, the user can select the most appropriated media to read, watch or hear the topic he/she is interested in, just by clicking the appropriate links (see the tutorial at the beginning of the course for a more detailed description).
The content is divided into two specific parts, which are presented sequentially. The first part (Chapters 1-5) introduces fundamental and descriptive aspects common to all continuous media (motion, deformation, stress and conservation-balance equations). In the second (Chapters 6 to 11), specific families of the continuous medium are studied, such as solids and fluids, in an approach that starts with the corresponding constitutive equation and ends with the classical formulations of solid mechanics (elastic-linear and elasto-plastic) and fluid mechanics (laminar regime). Finally, a brief incursion into the variational principles (principle of virtual work and minimization of potential energy) is made, to provide the initial ingredients needed to solve continuum mechanics problems using numerical methods.

The theoretical part in every chapter is followed by a number of solved problems and proposed exercises so as to help the user in the understanding and consolidation of those theoretical aspects.  

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